Democracy and Lovelaces

John Adams saying John Adams things:

Democracy is Lovelace and the people are Clarissa. The artful villain will pursue the innocent lovely girl to her ruin and her death. . . . The time would fail me to enumerate all the Lovelaces in the United States. It would be an amusing romance to compare their actions and character with his.

Source: Quoted in Prodigals and Pilgrims: The American Revolution against Patriarchal Authority 1750-1800 by Jay Fliegelman (just bought it because it sounds like a scorcher.)

Franco Bonisolli

Now that it’s November 1, I’m starting to hear more Christmas music. I know it’s wrong this early, but I love the stuff. The one thing I don’t like about it is the plague of Michael Buble (was that redundant?). In that spirit, I made this gif thanks to Franco Bonisolli and his feelings on the Three Tenors.


Stray thoughts on movies

The new trailer for the forthcoming Fantastic Four movie currently graces the trending sidebar on Facebook. (Along with news of Harrisburg’s important Civil War museum.) I thought to post the message, “They need to stop making comic book movies,” on social media, and then I thought, “Oh wait. I hate movies so what should I care?”

My opinion is usually that the book is better than the movie, and I think that may be the case with this genre. I’ve enjoyed my share of comic book movies (mainly the Dark Knight trilogy and of course Superman II…because of Zod), but there’s not much to them, even the best ones.

At least they’re fun and make us happy, and that’s all that matters.

God bless America.